Action Pose – Carnage In Stack Minor

Talking about scale in Transformers can be more polarizing than whether Rumble is blue and Frenzy is red. It’s a path of madness, given that not only do most toylines ignore it, but a lot of times the cartoons do as well. With modern shows they tend to keep it consistent, but with G1 even bot mode heights were all over the map.

One hilarious example of this is in when Ultra Magnus picked up Hook and Scrapper and smacked them together.

So of course I wanted to take a picture of that with Citizen Stack.

Click the picture for the full version!

Those bots are from MakeToys Green Giant, and while a little big for the picture seemed like they were close enough. Stack may or may not be copping a feel on Scrapper.


Like the picture? Check out the full pictorial review here!

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So dear readers, what’s your favorite line of Transformers? If Ultra Magnus walked into an IHOP, would he order a tall Stack?

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~Matt Booker

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