Action Pose – KFC Citizen Stack – Haters Gonna Hate

KFC Citizen Stack certainly has a lot of the fandom divided. I see a lot of people choosing strict sides between it and the official MP Ultra Magnus, and while that’s to be expected, for some people that also means they want to go out of their way to bash the one they didn’t pick.

But hey, this is the internet, and the inherent buffer of a computer screen and the relative sense of anonymity that comes along with that can lead to people being harsher than they would if they were talking to people in real life. So the next time somebody pops into a discussion of your favorite bot and spouts off about how it’s complete crap, try to remember that those who make a habit of hating are often going to hate.

Or, as the internet would say…


Click the picture for the full version!

Okay, so I really like that internet meme. It’s probably going to pop up whenever I do reviews of bots that seem to garner a lot of polarized opinions. Here’s the picture I did for X-Transbots Krank.


Like the picture? Check out the full pictorial review here!

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So, dear readers, do you have any bots that you like but others don’t? Why are choco tacos so delicious?

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~Matt Booker

4 thoughts on “Action Pose – KFC Citizen Stack – Haters Gonna Hate

  1. …I’m seeing that I may have to break my desire not to have anything to do with KFC. Still, I want to see how the official MP Ultra Magnus stacks up against Stack before I pull the trigger on either. Not to mention I’m going after the Fans Toys Dinobots which you’d have to have serious balls to not want in the slightest, and Magnus or Stack WILL have to DEAL with them. ;)

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