Action Pose – Classics Rhinox

Beast Wars is one of my favorite TF shows, and Rhinox is one of my favorite characters on that show.

And Generations Classics Rhinox is one of the best voyagers HasTak has made.


"This guy's got bearings of chrome steel..."
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And as much as I like Beast Wars, I really don’t like Beast Machines. Not only did they turn Silverbolt from an awesome cliche of a boisterous if naive white knight into an awful cliche of angsty jerk with a ‘tragic’ past, trading his badass wolf-eagle form for a pathetic purple peacock, but they really screwed over Rhinox.

If it was done well, I could be okay with that. But nope, he’s just evil now, and completely the opposite of how he was in Beast Wars. For no good reason.

So it makes me LOL that Rhinox got a really nicely done voyager, while Beast Machines Tankor is getting a tiny deluxe that looks like something out of a fast food kids meal.

LOL indeed.


So, dear readers, are there any other Beast Wars bots that need a modern update? Did you know that Beast Machines and Bowel Movement are both called BM for short?

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~Matt Booker

6 thoughts on “Action Pose – Classics Rhinox

  1. I’m with you on Beast Machines. As a standalone series, it might be okay, but as a follow up to Beast Wars, it was crap. All the characters you love, screwed up! Whee!

    I would love to see nice updates of all the main Beast Wars cast. And I’m including Dinobot and Cheetor, since their last updates weren’t nice.

  2. I’d like to see all of the main cast get their own new figures. But for some reason, I imagine a new-mold Voyager class Optimus Primal would be EPIC.

  3. You totally need to do an action pose with Rhinox and Waspinator. And I’d love to see them do a new version of Fuzors Silverbolt. And Quickstrike.

  4. Dinobot should get a large voyager, with Optimus getting a small voyager. Cheetor just needs a new deluxe that focuses more on bot mode accuracy than beast mode accuracy.

    And a new version of Silverbot would be cool. He’s my favorite Beast Wars character. :)

    ~Matt Booker

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