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If MakeToys hadn’t only sold Trash-Talk and Cogwheel as a set, I probably would have just bought Trash-Talk. Swerve is one of my favorite characters from MTMTE, but Gears? Gears isn’t exactly featured prominently, and I don’t care about G1 Gears enough to have really wanted one for Classics.

But what about once I had Cogwheel in hand?

"What did you do to Gears, you monster? You turned him... nice!"


The colors really work nicely on Cogwheel, and I really like the toy version of the face. Those reasons actually make Cogwheel give Trash-Talk a close run at who is better. Swerve is still the more fun character thanks to MTMTE, but G1’s Changing Gears reminds me that Gears shouldn’t be counted out either.

Trash-Talk does have one advantage over Cogwheel, in that the long heels on the feet actually are long heels. On Cogwheel they only look like long heels, but aren’t that functional because the detailing on them causes most of the heel not to touch the ground even when the feet are flat. Because of that, Cogwheel’s feet are smaller than they appear, and while action poses like in the picture can be very stable, just standing there can be an issue for Cogwheel.

Other than that, Cogwheel is actually a fun bot to have on a desk as well as the standard shelf. Small and very poseable with a fun transformation, Gears makes for a grumpy but fun desk buddy.

And at the very least, it’s a heck of a lot better than the Hasbro version. Hasbro Swerve is cool, and it’s fine that Gears is mostly just a repaint, but the head looks like crap. Well, no, it looks like Brawn, who is awesome and not crap, but is also not Gears. And because they had to fit Brawn’s helmet in there, it also makes the head tiny compared to Swerve’s. It seems like tiny head Brawn is a thing with HasTak now.


So, dear readers, have you ever bought something that you wouldn’t have if it wasn’t only included in a box set, only to find that you actually liked it? Should a third party company make IDW Whirl?

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~Matt Booker


4 thoughts on “Action Pose – MakeToys Cogwheel

  1. The colors on Cog are so crisp! I think if Swerve hadn’t been…. Swerve, I’d like Gears better.

  2. I have to agree; I found myself liking Cogwheels a lot more than I expected I would. He doesn’t capture that “Gears” feel for me, but I think he makes a great Autobot foot solder kinda guy. He’s got a nice bold color scheme, and both of his heads are fairly generic. He just really strikes me as a guy who should be standing around in a Sunbow crowd scene or something.

    Plus, his big ol’ cannon is great. Definitely a much better figure than I was anticipating. I thought he’d be on his way to ebay as soon as I got Trash Talk out of their shared box, but I found myself liking the little guy quite a bit.

  3. Someone should make an IDW Whirl. And Cyclonus. And Star Saber. Maybe a Victory Leo to go with him. And a Nightbeat that isn’t that lackluster Bumblebee mold. (they mocked up using the RTS Jazz mold before, did they find they couldn’t budget the awesome?)

  4. People tend to care about bots more when there’s good media attached to it, so an IDW line would make sense.

    ~Matt Booker

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