Action Pose – MMC Leo Dux

What’s more badass than a robot that turns into a bull?

A robot that turns into a rhino!

But what’s more badass than that?


Click the picture for the full version!


Once again MMC has proven that they’re not only one of the best 3rd party companies for tiny plastic giant robots, but that they can produce bots of better quality than a lot of official Masterpiece Transformers.

Leo Dux is so badass that when Primus was handing out nipples, he shoved the other bots out of the way and said, “I WANT A LION THERE INSTEAD!”

And that’s why most Autobots have hood chests.


So, dear readers, do you say it duhks or dooks? Since Razorclaw just has a faceplate, does he use the lionhead to eat while in bot mode?

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~Matt Booker

3 thoughts on “Action Pose – MMC Leo Dux

  1. I’ve got him and I can vouch that it’s almost impossible to resist the temptation to pose him with one sword sitting on his shoulder like that. It’s just automatically badass. He can do all kinds of neat stuff, but the awesomeness of that pose is just impossible to resist. It’s like a spring pulling back to its natural form.

    Also, I tend to say it “ducks”. Though it could also be “doo” as in “deux”. And if you go with that, you can pretend that he’s related to Scooby Doo.

  2. Heli, you’re the second person who I’ve seen say they have theirs in a pose like that too!

    And I also tend to say it ‘ducks’, though ‘dukes’ sounds good too.

    ~Matt Booker

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