Action Pose – FP Brainstorm Jet Mode

One of the coolest things about FP Brainstorm is definitely the transformation.

One of the other coolest things about FP Brainstorm is the result of that transformation, which is one of the sleekest and most kibble free jet modes on any Transformer.


Not pictured: Fat X-Wing
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It seems like most TFs that have a jet mode only look like jets from the top, and half of those you still have to ignore the giant chunks of stuff (probably robot arms) sticking out from under the wings. The worst ones look like a brick with wings taped onto it, and close to that are the ones that practically have the whole robot visible under a flat plate of a jet that gets used as a backpack in bot mode.

Sure, FP Brainstorm is a Cybertronian space jet, so it gets away with things that a normal jet wouldn’t, but it doesn’t use that as an excuse to be lazy. The wingspan is long and there’s not crap under the wings, and the robot parts actually transform and integrate into it. If someone didn’t know it turned into a robot, they could mistake it for just being a space jet, and that’s an indicator of a good alt mode. The whole thing is just sleek and clean, and it’s a great update for the G1 version.


So, dear readers, what do you want out of jet alt modes for Transformers? Does Brainstorm wear wingtips?

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~Matt Booker

3 thoughts on “Action Pose – FP Brainstorm Jet Mode

  1. I think one of the better jet transformers in recent years is the HFTD Leader Class Starscream. Granted, he was a large figure, but the design team at Hasbro/Takara pulled most of the stops with a figure that a lot of people wanted from the movies. The F-22 mode might be a little chubby, but there isn’t much kibble to speak of. What IS there is generally streamlined enough that it flows naturally with the rest of the alt-mode.

  2. The Bob, I agree with that. It does have the robot legs on the bottom, but they’re integrated nicely. It’s a really nice alt mode and one of if not the best realistic jet TF. The bot mode is even nice for what it is, being detailed with lots of articulation.

    But… I just don’t care about Movie Starscream. It’s the same thing with Human Alliance Jazz. Both of those are cool transformers on a technical level, but both of those got sold because I didn’t care about the bots themselves.

    That doesn’t mean I can’t still think they’re cool for what they are, though. I can just appreciate them without having them in my collection. :)

    And Tman, I’m sticking with the FP version. The Hasbro version doesn’t look too bad, and it does have a cool looking head in bot mode, but there’s too much about it that I don’t like that the FP version does much, much better.

    Stuff like the headmaster’s legs being fused together. The headmaster doesn’t even look like it has knee articulation, and the G1 version was better than that.

    I also usually don’t like overly simple transformations on stuff like deluxes or voyagers, and Hasbro Brainstorm looks like it’s basically Turn Waist, Fold Down Backpack\Entire Front Of Jet, Fold Legs, Fold Arms. That’s fine on a Legends or Cyberverse scale TF, and I’m not wanting something to be fiddly or overcomplicated just for the sake of being complex… but I know how I usually react to overly simple stuff like that. And FP Brainstorm has one of the coolest and most intuitive transformations on a bot in my collection.

    ~Matt Booker

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