Action Pose – Casey Jones and Raphael

How do you improve a team of four teenage mutant ninja turtles?

Spraypaint a skull on a hockey mask and give it to Casey Jones.


Paint Apps? We don't need no stinkin' paint apps!
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Casey Jones from the new Nickelodeon TMNT has more than the standard amount of articulation for the line, though a bit less than the Turtles themselves. And despite wearing roller blades, Casey can actually stand in some cool poses without falling over.

Sure, it’s missing some paint apps, but the near monochrome look fits nicely with the colorscheme, and they actually did the skull facepaint under the mask!


So, dear readers, do you have a favorite version of Casey Jones? Do you like the designs of the new TMNT movie Turtles?

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~Matt Booker

5 thoughts on “Action Pose – Casey Jones and Raphael

  1. Casey is an impressive figure, he is missing some paint though.
    Really needs the gap between his elbow pads and the bottom of his sleeves painted to match his forearms, as well as someof his spikes/paddding painted.

    He’s still the best human Playmates have made in the line though.


  2. I’ve always had a soft spot for Casey, but I just can’t get into the new figures.

    I’ve seen him a couple of times and been tempted, but I haven’t bitten. I’ve got the Turtles, and wasn’t as blown away by them as everybody else. I think I’m spoiled by the NECA Turtles. I doubt anything will ever top them in my eyes.

  3. I like my Casey Jones as portrayed by Elias Koteas, thank very much! Or was it Vanilla Ice? I can’t remember anymore.

  4. Speaking of the devil, I was thinking about screening this with the 1990 Captain America or the unreleased Fantastic Four movie. If there was ever a reason to be a Vanilla Ice fan (besides his Academy Award winning appearance in TMNT II), it’s this movie.

  5. Ha! But that doesn’t fit the superhero theme. How about the made for TV Generation X movie?

    ~Matt Booker

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