The MOAR You Know – Generations Skullgrin Scale

My Classics shelves mainly have Deluxes and Voyagers. Scale doesn’t matter as much for that, as it’s better to just go with what you think looks good when it comes to a collection that has bots from different design aesthetics and even different lines, but some characters are better suited for small stuff like Cyberverse, Legends, or even Scouts. Legends Bumblebee looks great on a Classics shelf because Bumblebee is supposed to be small.  The same goes for Legends Swerve.

Officially those bots are meant to go with other Legends bots, but really it’s a nice way for HasTak to get better scaled bots for a Classics collection.

But what about doing the exact opposite, putting something like a Deluxe in a Cyberverse collection?


"I've got a bone to pick with you!"
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Outside of being one of the most metal of Transformers, Skullgrin has a huge alt mode. Well, it’s pretty average for a Deluxe alt mode in actual size, but just look at how small that cockpit is. There are actually a lot of Transformers like that, most of them being some kind of tank or plane.

So if size changing isn’t involved, Skullgrin would be one monstrous Decepticon, towering over Autobots that turn into little red muscle cars or green sport utility vehicles.

And with Transformers Prime Cyberverse Cliffjumper and Bulkhead, he does just that!


So, dear readers, do you ever mix larger figures in with a line of smaller ones? Should more Cyberverse bots have knees and elbows?

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~Matt Booker

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  1. I agree with this. The first pics I’ve ever did of reveal the shield lugnut were with Legion class figures. As he should be in a really huge guy

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