Action Pose – Double Blaster Bumblebee

The blade on Battle Blade Bumblebee looks like it’s mounted backwards and looks obvious when stored.

Not that the blaster is that much better, at least if you transform it according to the instructions.


Do you see the face on the chest? It has tiny red lips.
Click the picture for the full version!


Adding a second blaster is easy enough, and a few other people have done it and might have even showed how. Both forearm weapons are built to swivel already, so all that needs to be done is to carve a bit of plastic so the differently shaped plug on the second blaster fits the forearm.

And while the forearm weapons still look huge when they’re stored, folding them this way when using them as blasters looks a lot better.


So, dear readers, do you have a favorite version of movie Bumblebee? Why are they macaroni colored?

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~Matt Booker

5 thoughts on “Action Pose – Double Blaster Bumblebee

  1. DotM is my favorite deluxe Bee. While Battle Blade has the cool hidden weapons and battle mask, DotM Bee is easier and quicker to transform. But Battle Blade is pretty close, and I also like the ’07 deluxe Bee for what it is.
    The first AoE deluxe Bee… not so much.

  2. I’ll admit it. I’m not a fan of the character, or of the new Camaros. But, I do have the Cliffjumper repaint of one of the early versions. Because, obvious Windcharger is obvious.

  3. Henry, I agree about DOTM Bee being better than the Battle Blade version. It also doesn’t have as much of a sloped hood-chest in bot mode, and I like the arms a lot more. The transforming blasters look cool when deployed, but they look too big when stored.

    Greyryder, that Cliff repaint does look cool, and I like the weapon on that version of the mold.

    ~Matt Booker

  4. Yeah, the slope on bb bee really bugged me. I did savio-prime’s mod on mine and it looks a lot better. But now the pieces holding the doors on are more fragile…

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