Action Pose – Vampire vs Werewolf

Today’s action pose pits the hypnotic Sigma L against the weird wolf Quadruple U!

Who will win in this action-packed battle of these horrific headmaster monsters? Such a battle is sure to shake the shivers from your–

Oh, it’s already done?

Well, enjoy the aftermath!


Click the picture for the full version!


For those not aware, these two are headmasters by Fansproject. When Sigma L transforms into a bat, his head transforms into a tiny robot that rides in a coffin on its back! And if you’ll draw your attention to his talons in the picture, you’ll find Sigma has torn a prize from the innards of Quadruple U– the head and tiny pilot!

There would be a lot of pink energon splatter, but Sigma doesn’t waste a drop.


But don’t worry, those of you rooting for the more furry of the fanged, these kind of things always end in sequel bait. As soon as Sigma turns his back, the wolf’s eyes will start to glow.


So, dear readers, what are you up to on this eve of all hallows? Be scared, be scary, and be safe!

Happy Halloween!

~Matt Booker

3 thoughts on “Action Pose – Vampire vs Werewolf

  1. I prefer posing him just with his claws as weapons, sans shotguns (which really don’t suit the character, IMHO). The claws and that coffin on the back are what really sold me on the figure.

  2. I kind of like the idea of the shotguns, but the way the hands are sculpted they just don’t look right holding a weapon. The claws look much better anyway. :D

    ~Matt Booker

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