Action Pose – MP Optimus with KFC Hands

Now that I’ve written that title, I kind of want tiny drumsticks to put in Optimus’s hands…

And he could actually hold them now, since now his hands are much more articulated.

Just pretend the Ion Cannon is a turbochicken leg or something.


"Delicious chicken is the right of all sentient beings."Click the picture for the full version!


The hands and Ion Cannon are from the KFC KP-06 set, which are still in stock at most of the bigger online TF retailers. I recommend them, but you will likely have to add a dab of pledge floor polish to the fingers. The design is nicely done, but it needs a quick fix once purchased.


If anyone is interested, I’ll do a quick review to show comparisons between these new hands and the stock versions.

Now I want some chicken stock.


So, dear reader, what’s your favorite fowl food? How can Optimus lick his fingers if he’s got a faceplate on?

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~Matt Booker

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