Better Transformation – Combiner Wars Blackjack

Hey there! Do you like Combiner Wars?

Of course you do!

Do you like the Stunticons?

Good. Good. What about Combiner Wars Menasor?

What’s that? He looks like crap, with a squat torso and a tiny car that doesn’t even stay attached to the chest?

You sure are well informed today, dear reader. But what if I told you there was a better way to transform Motormaster, and a way to have Blackjack not only attach better, but look better?

… Well that was a rude response. Do you email your mother with those fingers?

Fair enough. You can make it up to me by checking out this quick and easy, step by step pictorial on my Combiner Wars Menasor alternate transformation Blackjack fan mode guide. Thing.


If you haven’t seen the official transformation for Combiner Wars Menasor, go take a look at this picture over at

Yup. Menasor looks like crap that way. And I know that having a sideways car mounted on the combiner chest is G1 accurate, but Classics is all about updated bots. Dragstrip doesn’t have six wheels, and Motormaster doesn’t have a trailer, so why just plop an untransformed car on there? It’s like sticking whole cars on Menasor’s arms and shins like armor instead of forming the arms and lower legs from them.

That and Blackjack falls off if Menasor so much as looks at him wrong.

If you prefer the G1 look, I’ve seen people posting that if you shave the ridges off the posts on Menasor’s chest, Blackjack can fit further down on the pegs and will stay on just fine. If I was going to keep Blackjack attached in car mode, that’s what I’d be doing.

But one of the things that I wanted to do with Blackjack was a fan transformation by Gikpa over at TFW. It involves half transforming Blackjack from car mode, then putting the hands behind the robot mode back and plugging those onto the posts on Menasor. It looked really cool, and when I got Blackjack and Motormaster it was something I definitely wanted to try.

And then I tried it.

Or rather, almost tried it. I got to the point where Blackjack needed to be attached and found that the hands were too far apart to slide onto the posts. It would require bending Blackjack’s arms in a way that they didn’t actually bend, and not just by a small degree but a pretty steep angle. I thought maybe I was seeing something wrong, so I tracked down some more pictures by Gikpa and nope, the arms were being forced out of position.

And no, I’m not going to link to that fan mode. I’m not bashing Gikpa, but I am warning people not to use that transformation.

Blackjack might feel otherwise…

"What the powerglide? Who installed a swear filter?"

As you can see in that picture, pushing the hands toward each other would put stress either on the pin joint or the balljoint. So don’t powergliding do it!

But that’s okay, because I’ve figured out what is not just a secure way to attach Blackjack without modding, but also a way that I think looks better. Instead of just two of the car wheels, it shows all four, and with a bit of alternate transformation from Motormaster it also makes the torso look more proportionate.

Go take a look at this picture over at again.

Now take a look at this.

"You like my new nipple rims?"
Click the picture for the full version!

The transformation on Motormaster is the standard way of not pegging in the leg flaps and moving the hips and crotch plate down a bit further. There are lots of different ways to transform the legs, so feel free to use whatever one you prefer.

But as you can see, transforming Combiner Wars Blackack this way not only looks cooler than just having a sideways car on there, it helps fill in the torso and make it look more proportionate.

So where’s this step by step pictorial guide on Blackjack’s alternate fan transformation?

Right here!


Step 1 – Robot Mode

"Seriously. Menasor doesn't like his nipples touched."


Step 2 – Stuff!

Raise the arms, bend the elbows, and rotate the lower legs.

"What the powerglide is a YMCA?"


Step 3 – More Stuff!

Flip the backpack around, rotate the upper legs so the inner thigh is facing out, and bend the knees.

HelliCARrier mode.


Step 4 – Combiner!

Put Blackjack onto Menasor’s chest and raise the crotch plate into position, slotting together the areas highlighted in red.

"I'm such a slot."

Blackjack should slot perfectly onto the part on Motormaster, fitting just behind the hinge.

Here’s a close up view of them attached, with Blackjack’s arm moved out of the way so it can be seen.

Slotted behind the hinge.

Blackjack should now be snug and attached to Menasor. To secure it even more, make sure the legs are up against the top of the open halves of what used to be Motormaster’s back kibble. But even with the legs straight up in the air and not touching anything, Menasor can be shook around without Blackjack falling off.


The next thing to do is just position the arms and legs however you want them. I tuck the arms onto the corners of the crotch plate so they are angled back.

Arms tucked on crotch plate.



And the reason that the inner thighs need to face forward is that they can be angled when positioning the legs.

That look on Menasor's face is because Blackjack farted.


I wouldn’t have posted this method if it wasn’t able to have Blackjack attach properly. If it just looked good, it would frustrate me and frustrate other people. But this alternate fan transformation lets Blackjack stay on whether Menasor is turned upside down or even jostled around.


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So, dear reader, what’s your favorite method of attaching Blackjack to Menasor? Do you like small robots clamped onto your nipples?

Leave a comment and let me know! And don’t forget, you can share this post with your friends using the links below!

~Matt Booker

34 thoughts on “Better Transformation – Combiner Wars Blackjack

  1. Brilliant. Except, I just wish Menasor ‘s cod-piece wasn’t so bulky, and could be moved around more. It needs a swivel joint in there somewhere.

  2. This looks superior to the original look for the CW Menasor. Sad that Hasbro didn’t do a better job of making sure the official way of combining Menasor actually worked well, and adjusted Motormaster as such.


    The default mode didn’t stick. It just could NOT at all!

    Thank you sir!

  4. Thank you. I was so miffed when My Mensaor limbs arrived from yesterday and I went to assemble Menasor only to find Blackjack wouldn’t stay on. I’m also super super bummed about how crappy Breakdown is but I digress. I cannot wait to get home now and reposition Blackjack like this. Right now he is just sitting on Menasor’s should and chest is closed.

  5. Thanks for this alternate transformation. I just managed to get all the Stunticons today and after making Menasor I was getting annoyed that his Blackjack Boobs kept falling off with even the slightest nudge. I don’t know how such an obvious engineering mistake slipped by Takara/Hasbro, but at least your alternate mode fixes it.. and even looks better.

  6. Very innovative and an improvement. What’s a suggestion to do this and keep the purple chest/axe piece on combo mode?

  7. Thanks! I’ve seen some people wedge the axe’s tabs in the opening near Blackjack’s robot head, but I prefer the look of it as it is.

    ~Matt Booker

  8. Wonderful! I was about ready to bypass this mold but you made it work. Pat yourself on the back

  9. Blackjack is cool even without putting him on Menasor’s chest. :)

    But I’m glad I found a way to put him on there. I had Motormaster when I was a kid, and having the little car transform is such a cool update.

    ~Matt Booker

  10. Great job! Although I’d like to add that as a finishing touch, you could use the weapon to fill in the gap in between blackjacks roofing and just squeeze the 2 halves of the roof together to keep the weapon in place. Hope that makes sense? :)

  11. Finally got my Blackjack this afternoon and boy thanks to you, the alternate transformation just looks suh-weet!

  12. I cant get it to work. Blackjack doesn’t attatch securly at all , he just rests on Menasor’s hinge. :(

  13. Matt this is AMAZING!!! I was si disappointed when Blackjack just “fell off”, but then I saw your post and VOILA!!! Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!

    I did make one minor adjustment, the “heels” can “hook” itself to the “shoulders”, but you need to play with Menasor’s crotch piece by angle the bottom crotch piece tip “forward” so that the top left and right point “tips” of the cotch piece lowers itself. This still allows Blackjack’s elbows to “hook” onto the crotch piece left/right point “tips” so it allows Blackjack even further “stability” this way w/ of his limbs sort of “locked” in place!

    Now wth to do with his battle axe… I don’t have 4 limbs yet for Menasor, but for the time being, I pegged Blackjack’s purple ace into the upsidedown left hand of Motormaster, LOL!!! Sort of makes him look like he’s carrying a flag into battle a la ancient Samurai warrior days?

  14. This is amazing, I’ve been trying to get blackjack to stay on with no luck. Bit this is even better!!

  15. It seems like every Motormaster I’ve come across has so many freaking design flaws it’s pathetic. I’ve had to buy two so far because the first had a wrong piece (the windvane at the top of the cab had two left pieces) and one of the arms broke on the second transformation. THEN there’s the leg issues that EVERYONE hates. Menasor either looks like he’s “all legs” or “no torso”, there doesn’t seem to be a comfortable middleground (yet). This fix gives Menasor a little more bulk in the torso so he looks a lot better and also helps to more firmly attach Blackjack. Dude, I can’t thank you enough!!! My display shelf looks a bit more awesome now!

  16. I bought a Battle Core Optimus Prime and Blackjack since it was the only one available in my country (no Motormaster sadly). Since Motormaster and Optimus share the same molds, I figured the 2 figures would work fine but they didnt.

    Then I followwed this guide. Now my combiner looks awesome as hell. Nice work on figuring all of this out.

  17. I also found out that you can insert the weapon of blackjack right into the spoiler of dragstrip when he’s in arm mode. It makes it look like an arm shield. Looks amazing.

  18. This is awesome!!!! Blackjack now stays in place and it even made Menasor more stable. Thanks, David

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