Action Pose – Stunticon Discipline

The Stunticons are not so much a team as they are a collection of rowdy thugs with a racing theme.

Keeping a pack like that in line takes a strong leader.

Or at least strong fists.


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Don’t say Motormaster is the remold. He doesn’t like that.


So, dear readers, did you notice how character appropriate it is for Dragstrip to be the first Stunticon in Combiner Wars? What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?

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~Matt Booker

5 thoughts on “Action Pose – Stunticon Discipline

  1. Cheese Steak sounds delicious! Especially if it doesn’t have green peppers in it.

    ~Matt Booker

  2. And everyone wonders why Menasor is so dumb and full of angst… they’ve all got something knocked loose in their heads, mostly from Motormaster!

    But it’s pretty clear Motormaster came first of the two, since if you’re doing combiners you’re naturally going to do Stunticons sooner or later, and then you’ll probably want to use their molds to some degree for other guys, so of course you remake Motormaster into Optimus Prime. And release Optimus first because fewer will get him after Motormaster.

    At least in my uneducated view that’s likely to be proven as wrong as letting Sunstreaker anywhere near a screwdriver.

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