Action Pose – GDO Cliffjumper

Cliffjumper is known for a few things, like being red, hot-headed, packing huge guns, and accusing Mirage of being a traitor.

That dirty spy…

He’s also known for being a minibot, about the size of Bumblebee.

Of course, Classics is all about updated designs, and I can see Cliffjumper wanting to be a bit bigger and have some built in cannons.

"Who says I don't fit where?"
Click the picture for the full version!

As blocky as this mold is, I think it’s a better fit for Classics than the FE Cliffjumper is for TF Prime. Here’s a group pic to prove it. And as much as people complained about the head, all it really needed was just some extra silver to fill out the cheeks.

That being said, I can’t blame anyone for having a different opinion on how to collect tiny plastic giant robots. :)

But for me, this is a heck of a lot better than a Bumblebee repaint. Even if it does tend to get cut in half by certain Decepticon Medics.


I figured it had been a while since I’d shown off something TF related around here. I don’t take as many of those pics as I used to, but I think the quality has gone up quite a bit. This is one of my favorites that I’ve done, so I hope you like it.

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So, dear reader, do you like the newer style of Action Poses with detailed backgrounds? What’s your favorite expansion for Carcassonne?

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~Matt Booker

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