Art Preview – The Looming Church

October is coming! And that means The Witching Well is almost ready!

Our artist, Cj Franks, has finished all the internal illustrations for the book, which amounts to one full page illustration per chapter, one chapter title illustration per chapter, and one after story illustration. He’s already started on the cover, which is not only going to be done in color, and not only going to be done in a digital painting style, but it’s being done in a high quality format so we might just have plans for releasing it as a wall poster at some point.

Yes, it’s going to be that cool. Trust me, I made the mock up using a Skeletor action figure.

But that’s all stuff you can’t see right now, unless you’re reading this post from the future. Hi, future reader!

So what can you see? There’s The Haunted Girl preview, and of course Book News Announcing our new artist, Cj Franks!, where you can see the title art for Chapter 1 of The Witching Well and the style guide for the main character. But what about today’s post?

Just what is The Looming Church?


It’s the title art for Chapter 3!

The Looming Church by Cj Franks

The Looming Church by Cj Franks

Click the picture for the full version!


That’s some mighty fine detail, and reminds me of more than a few abandoned houses I’ve seen on long drives through backwoods areas. From the broken steeple to the rotten fence, this image sets the mood nicely for the chapter it broods upon. It’s not a place you’d want to see when walking past, and should you find your path on the sunk-in stones leading up to the gnarled slab of a door…

Well, that would be spoiling things, dear readers.

October is coming, and so is The Witching Well. We’ll talk more in the days ahead, and soon enough you’ll be able to see for yourself just what’s inside.


So, dear readers, if you didn’t like illustrations in books before, are you warming up to it? What’s your favorite expansion to Carcassonne?

Leave a comment and let me know! And don’t forget, you can share this post with your friends using the links below. It’s certainly appreciated!

~Matt Booker

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