Book News – The Witching Well – Available Now!

Hey, you know those books that I’ve been talking about every now and then?


It feels nice to say that.

We started on this book at least around November of 2011. We’ve written four in our Flan Adventures series, a book from a different series, and we’re working on another book from a new series right now. We’ve also got plans for other books and more books with Flan. So we’ve kept busy with things.

One of those things was finding the right artist, and I talked about that (as well as why we insisted on having illustrations) in this post, Book News – Announcing Our New Artist, Cj Franks! It took us about 2 years to find Cj, and he’s not only been great to work with, but his art has improved the book.

Just look at that cover!

The book was also edited by Luke Thompson, whose work isn’t so visible but was still valuable. I agreed with most of what he said to do, and I was always glad to listen. :)

I’ll have more information about the books in other posts, but I wanted to touch on a few points.


An ebook?
Yup. Print books are great, and I admit that I used to not even want to try ebooks. But eventually I came to realize they’re every bit as cool as print books. They’re just cool for different reasons. I can have a whole library of my favorite books on my phone, or on a tablet the size of one book. I can read in a dark room in bed and not need a light on, which means my wife can get some sleep even if I’m reading. And the font can be customized in type and size. They can easily be searched, bookmarked, notated, and a good ereader always keeps your place.

So if you frown at ebooks, give one a try sometime.

The Witching Well will eventually be available for print in a collection with some other Flan books.


Where can it be purchased?
It’s available on Amazon, but it’s not exclusive to them. Other retailers will be available soon, but I coded the book by hand and I’ve got adjustments to make for the epub version.

More about my experiences with coding ebooks will be a post of it’s own.


Book Pricing
This first book is shorter than the others, because we want to ease readers into it.

It’s a shorter book that costs $3.50. That could turn some people away from it, because there are 100,000 word ebooks on Amazon that cost $0.99. But you know what? I think something that took us four years to make should cost a bit more than a drink at McDonald’s. There’s a lot of story packed into it, and 10 great illustrations and a kickass cover.

But hey, it probably costs less than a drink at Starbucks.


Will I like this?

Take a look at the description, and at the cover, and maybe some of the previous posts about the book. That should give you a decent feel for if you’d like it.

My influences range from Howard to Lovecraft to Burroughs to transforming robots from 1980s cartoons to DnD to MTG and lots of other stuff. If you like that kind of stuff, you might like this.

Do you like the blog? If you do, there’s a decent chance you’ll like the style of the book. I try to keep things light and fun around here, and while the book is more serious and the story has moments of the macabre, you’ll find bits of humor because I couldn’t help myself.

My wife and I have done our best to put out a good product here, but even if you don’t like it or it’s not your thing, then that’s okay too. Flan is kind of a love letter to some of our favorite books and genres and authors, and his stories are both fun and rewarding to tell. I’ve had him kicking around in my head for years, so it’s nice to let other people get a peek at what he’s like


So what is Flan like?
He’s Flan. He’s an adventurer.

He’s the kind of dude who’d grab an iron grave marker and attempt to beat the tar out of a thing what should not be.

(What else did you think was happening on the cover?)

Luke once described him as Conan meets Philosoraptor, and while I won’t argue with that, it’s not the whole of it either. He has roots in Howard’s Conan because Howard is my favorite author, but I would never want to copy Conan. I don’t even like the idea of non-Howard Conan books, even though I know a bunch of people who grew up on L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter.

And honestly, Flan wouldn’t stand for trying to ape someone else. :)

He’s also got roots in old DnD, the haunted areas where I grew up, some shades of Subotai, and even jokes from high school (which is where he got his name).

My wife and I know a lot of his life, from his youth to his best friend and brother to his true love and at least one of the times he’s died.

There’s a lot more to him than just hitting stuff and getting drunk, and these books are not what you might expect at first. There’s still plenty of hitting stuff, and Flan does enjoy getting drunk, but you’ll find clever twists and things to make you think, wordplay and puns, and philosophic grays to go with all the fun.


Here’s the official description of the book.

The Witching Well

In the corpse-strewn streets of an abandoned mountain village, a surly adventurer finds himself at odds with a young girl and the malevolent force obsessed with her.

The graves are open, the church defiled, and the local beer’s gone sour. But when the devil rides the wind and works the dead to speak, it will take a Mongrel Dog to put it right.

Lavishly Illustrated by Cj Franks, this is the first entry in Matt and Melody Booker’s Flan Adventures series, which follows their often hung-over wanderer as he encounters gods, devils, and the monsters in between. Sword and sorcery, high adventure and low brow, in these stories tropes are challenged, gore is splayed, and fun wears contemplation like a pensive pall.


So hey, go take a look. Download the free sample, if you like. Read it for the story or stick around for the cool illustrations.

And if you do, leave an honest review on Amazon.


So, dear readers, what do you think? Why is the combination of Cherry and Grape and Apple juice so delicious?

Leave a comment and let me know! Share this post with your friends using the boxes below, and tell any friends who might like it.


~Matt Booker

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  1. Well congratulations on getting that first book out there, man. And best of luck with NaNoWriMo!

  2. Thanks! I really appreciate it.

    If you know anyone who might enjoy it, pass the word along. :)

    ~Matt Booker

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