Action Pose – GT Scrapper

Generation Toy Gravity Builder Scraper is going to be my MP Scrapper. It’s purple and green, which seemed appropriate for today.

Happy Halloween!

Click the picture for the full version!

Want a cool backdrop from like the one used for the picture? Check out this great set by Mandingo Rex on TFW2005!

GT Scrapper is very good quality and about on par with the MMC Predacons. There might be more G1 looking Constructicons, such as the Combiner Wars versions or the Toyworld versions, but CW set isn’t very good quality and most of the individual bots have a lot of corners cut, and the ToyWorld set looks a bit too blocky for me and partsforms the entire waist and upper legs of combined mode.

The GT Constructicons are big and beefy. In the G1 cartoon they were a bit scrawny, but I prefer them to look like brawlers. Combined mode looks nice for GT too, but the bot and alt modes are the big reason I wanted them. Scavenger and Bonecrusher can even keep the Devastator forearms attached in each of their modes, so it can have no partsforming at all. :D


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~Matt Booker

2 thoughts on “Action Pose – GT Scrapper

  1. I wouldn’t call these guys Masterpiece myself, but I will say GT seems to know what they’re doing with the team for as utterly ambitious as this is. A combiner is tricky enough for a company to pull off well, and there’s already several options for Devastator/Constructicons on the market to easily end up being overlooked. Yet these guys seem to be pulling it off better with Scraper than Unique Toys did with their War Hawk.

  2. Yeah, I’m putting them with my MP’s while also being well aware that they aren’t the usual level of G1 accuracy that goes along with the main intent of that line. But somewhere along the way, my MP collection has basically become what I want out of ‘definitive versions’ of characters.

    It probably started with putting the MMC Predacons in with my MP’s, and had firmly crossed the threshold when I put Combiner Wars Megatron in there. I figure that the line is already not completely cartoon accurate anyway, being definitive versions that lean towards the cartoon, so it doesn’t bother me to have it lean a bit different every now and then.

    So basically I think these look a lot cooler than the G1 Constructicons. XD

    No judgement toward people that think otherwise, of course, or people that stick with the main intent of the line. Once I say ‘combiner wars Megatron’ and ‘MP shelf’ people tend to take it with a grain of salt anyway. :D

    ~Matt Booker

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