Art Preview – The Mongrel In The Dark

Is it still a preview if the book is already published?

Oh well, it has more of a ring to it this way. And hey, if you haven’t read the book then it’s still a preview.

And if you haven’t read The Witching Well, maybe this will tempt you more…


The Mongrel In The Dark by Cj Franks

The Mongrel In The Dark by Cj Franks

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This is the first full page illustration in The Witching Well, and I’m rather fond of it. Of course, I could say that about all the illustrations in the book. :) Many thanks to Cj Franks for doing such a kickass job!


So who is The Mongrel In The Dark?

That would be Flan, dear readers. He’s a wandering adventurer who is usually not as drunk as he’d like to be, but here you can see he’s hunched over a few mugs of beer and still looking surly.

It probably has something to do with the rotten corpses in the street.

That, and the beer’s gone sour.


There are a few things about this art that I want to point out, most prominently being that we wanted Cj to have Flan staring right at the reader. Sure, he’s a bit soused and a bit surly, but this is the first time the reader gets to see Flan in the story. It needed to be a dramatic reveal, with stark contrast and shadows, and a dangerous man with a hard if unsteady gaze as the reader– following along with another character –comes across this scene.

Who’s the other character? It’s not spoiling too much to say it’s Amolina, featured in an earlier illustration, The Haunted Girl.


I’d also like to point out that before a town was big enough to have a tavern, it was often the local blacksmith who did the brewing. And while our Flan Adventures series takes place in its own place and time, it has some influence from various aspects of our own history. As this story takes place in what used to be a small mountain village, the blacksmith’s place would be the first building Flan checks out.

Also, there’s no corpses inside there.


Another thing of note with this illustration, dear reader, is a small detail you might have missed when reading on your kindle or kindle-app-enabled phone, table, or pc… Do you see the head mounted on the wall?


And that fish on the wall? Totally mounted like a Big Mouth Billy Bass.

Did I mention there were corpses in the streets?


So, dear readers, what do you think of this illustration from The Witching Well? What’s your favorite thing to mix with cheese?

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~Matt Booker

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