Art Preview – The Witching Well Book Cover

The Witching Well – Matt and Melody Booker

In the corpse-strewn streets of an abandoned mountain village, a surly adventurer finds himself at odds with a young girl and the malevolent force obsessed with her.

The graves are open, the church defiled, and the local beer’s gone sour, but when the devil rides the wind and works the dead to speak, it will take a Mongrel Dog to put it right.

The Witching Well Book Cover by Cj Franks

The Witching Well Book Cover by Cj Franks

There’s a lot of stuff going on in that cover, and all of it badass.

The Witching Well by Matt and Melody Booker, featuring Flan the Mongrel attempting to beat the crap out of a thing what should not be! Shirtless and scarred, Flan’s also a bit paler than you might remember from the announcement post, and that’s because this his him depicted in the grim and black of night, lit by the red glow of hot iron and with a bit of day for night filter so you can actually see the details. :)

I’ve been told that covers for ebooks should be stark and simple, with the title taking up a lot of the space. Part of this is so they show up better in thumbnails on places like Amazon, and part of it is because a clean and simple cover is what you’re supposed to do. I dunno, there’s likely some marketing analysis in there somewhere.

But you know what? We want something that looks awesome. We want something that would look great as a poster on the wall, next to some posters of Finnish metal bands, with Dungeons and Dragons books scattered on the floor below for good measure.

Maybe it’s not best as a thumbnail, but it’s best as a cover.


So, dear readers, what do you think of the cover to The Witching Well by Matt and Melody Booker? What do you like to do at night with things what should not be?

Leave a comment and let me know! And don’t forget, you can use the boxes below to share this page with your friends!

~Matt Booker

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