Art Preview – Flan Kills The Dead

When the clouds turn as black as a billowing pall and the hordes of a ruined town are swarming, maybe the cemetery isn’t the best place to be.

What’s Flan the Mongrel going to do about it?


Flan Kills The Dead by Cj Franks

Flan Kills The Dead by Cj Franks

Those are a couple of iron grave markers that he’s using as makeshift maces. Their shape– and why one is glowing cherry red on the cover –is explained more in The Witching Well by Matt and Melody Booker.

Also explained is the whole ‘hordes of a ruined town’ thing.


I really dig the perspective Cj Franks used here, and there’s something about black and white illustrations that just make me giddy. This is the type of those that are my favorite, with heavy use of the contrast between the colors to really make it stark. I find that style beautiful and haunting, and this illustration is no less.

Maybe I have strange tastes. :) But hopefully you think this is cool, dear reader. If you have anything to say about this style of black and white, or maybe other examples, leave a comment! Some examples I can think of that I like are the art in Sin City and Mike Mignola’s art. Frank Frazetta’s full color art is usually the thing people think of when talking about him, but I’ve always enjoyed his black and white work the best.


So, dear readers, what do you think of this illustration from The Witching Well? Do you like taco salad with chicken or beef?

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~Matt Booker

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