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Hello, dear readers!

Just a quick note to let you know that the blog here is still alive. I was looking through some things and saw that the last post was a few months ago, and had a bit of a ‘oh crap!’ moment.

There’s that whole ‘social’ part of social media that makes it so easy to push to the side when so many other things are going on. So here, twitter, FB, and TF boards tend to have me lurking in brief visits when I’m busy. I’m also really bad at multitasking. I’ve got other excuses, if you want, but being too withdrawn isn’t good either way.

So here’s an update!

A bit over a week ago my wife and I finished another Flan book! It’ll be a year or so before we can post more about that one in particular, but it feels good to have another one done.

These things take time, and there’s three other Flan books to be illustrated first. :)

Speaking of which…

The cover of the next book is done, as well as the first chapter heading and the first full page illustration. We’ll be posting art previews for that as the release date gets closer.

And we’ll be announcing just when that release date is going to be soon.

As for TF stuff and other blog posts that aren’t aimed at getting you to read our books, more of that’s on the way too. I’ve got a few mod posts in the que (not as many as there used to be, but I buy better bots than I used to), as well as some cool Action Pose posts. I’m gonna make an effort to start doing at least one post a week.

That might not seem like a lot, but remember that multitasking thing I mentioned earlier. :)

Oh yeah! If you want, you can check out our Facebook Author Page or talk to me on Twitter at @ThatMattBooker.


Social media is strange for a normally anti-social person. Like a freshman on prom night, we do it in spurts.

~Matt Booker

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