Action Pose – MMC Tigris

The main Decepticon base was the Nemesis, but sometimes they would have them scattered all over the world.

Or maybe it was just that one time they had one in the shape of a Decepticon logo?

Hey, look! It’s MMC Tigris in a jungle base!

Rampage likes watching the jungle channel.
Click the picture for the full version!


The floor and wall are color tweaked versions of Mandingo Rex’s Ark files, which you can find over at TFW2005. They make for great backdrops in displays, and there’s even a Teletraan 1 to print out.

MMC Tigris is probably the least cool of the Feral Rex bots. It’s one of the most agile in bot mode, but in alt mode the front legs have backwards knee\elbow joints. If you turn the legs around you can use the robot mode elbow, but the paws aren’t designed for that position, which limits poseability. That’s still better than the official version, which keeps the front legs practically stiff.

But, the bot mode does look nice. Among a group of hulking brutes, the smaller frame and facemask make Tigris look like a ninja.

A bright orange ninja.

Hey, it works for Naruto.


So, dear readers, do you use printouts or other backgrounds to spruce up your shelves? What about translucent orange Lego plastic makes it so appealing?

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~Matt Booker

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4 thoughts on “Action Pose – MMC Tigris

  1. Strange that you say Tigris’ elbows can’t bend the other way, because my copy can do so just fine. It’s a little limited, yes, but he can do it. At both elbow joints in each arm. (granted, the lower one could benefit from trimming a sliver of plastic away from around the opening on the black part. There’s some resistance there)

    I do find myself wishing the joint just below the shoulder locked in… and that the similar joint on Leo Dux locked in better. It’s not a huge deal considering most of the time I have them combined, but still.

  2. Yeah, a better locking part for that joint would be good.

    And Tigris’s elbows can bend a bit for alt mode, but it’s so tiny I don’t really count it. Posing it more than ‘slightly beyond stiff-legged’ and it looks unnatural. Take a look at that link with Maz’s photos. He sure did try, but it’s just nowhere near what that alt mode wants to be able to do.

    ~Matt Booker

  3. I can get the elbow to bend nearly 90 degrees using both joints in tandem. (the upper more than the lower, which again could potentially be helped by widening the gap clearly meant for it a little) What may be more limiting to its naturalness is the paw being connected right at the front, so the robot’s wrists stick out oddly in the back. Honestly, Leo Dux has it worse, since his paws are so small and practically float on their connections to the forearm, which is a necessity for them to fold away for his robot mode.

  4. Yeah, the alt mode elbow joints on this Tigris don’t get anywhere near that. o_0

    ~Matt Booker

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