Action Pose – MMC Tigris Alt Mode

Predacon Rampage likes to watch tv, even if it’s just the jungle channel.

Don’t take the remote.

Catch WHAT by the tail?
Click the picture for the full version!


The floor and wall are color tweaked versions of Mandingo Rex’s Ark files, which you can find over at TFW2005. They make for great backdrops in displays, and there’s even a Teletraan 1 to print out.

The front legs in this pic are using the alternate fan transformation. The forearms getting in the way of the paws means the front legs aren’t as poseable, but they’re still far better than the stiff look of the official transformation, which you can see in Maz’s photos.


So, dear readers, do what mode do you more often put your gestalt teams in? What’s your favorite tv show?

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~Matt Booker

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