Art Preview – The Slave Galley Wrecked

The next Flan Adventures book is almost here!

Where The Witching Well found Flan in an abandoned mountain village, the next book finds him surviving a shipwreck on a mysterious island.

And hey, here’s the heading illustration of Chapter 1, which just so happens to be the remains of that shipwreck!

The Slave Galley Wrecked - Art by Cj Franks

The Slave Galley Wrecked – Art by Cj Franks

A good illustration at the start of a chapter can be used to set the mood or the tone, as well as the showing the opening scene.

While this shows the ship at a distance, the story soon has a closeup view of the last of the chained men who had been left to wither in the salt and sun and rot. Blackbirds swarm the ship like blowflies on a bloated corpse, and– Well, that’s spoiling too much for now.

Don’t worry, we’re going to start sharing some excerpts on the blog in addition to our usual content, so you’ll have some more context and clues at the mystery of this mysterious island.

More details to come soon, including the publication date and book title!


So dear readers, do you like illustrated chapter headings? Do you put the lime in the coconut?

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~Matt Booker

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