Art Preview – A Goddess!

Another art preview? Yes!

The next Flan Adventures book is longer than The Witching Well, with longer chapters too.

More chapters means more illustrations, but longer chapters means there’s room for extra art!

We’re still cautious about what should and should not be illustrated, as these should be used to enhance a story and not hinder it. We wouldn’t want to just put these in all willy-nilly and-

Hey look, a goddess!

A Goddess! - Art by Cj Franks

A Goddess! – Art by Cj Franks

Her name is Ligeia.

Because the internal illustrations are black and white art, it presents some unique challenges for certain depictions.

For instance, she’s is described as “beautiful and bright-eyed with her brown skin running deeply into copper”. Rather than make her stark white in the art, Cj used a manga half-tone technique and the result is a shaded gray. I think it turned out nicely, and makes sense in the context of a black and white world.

Those of you that’ve read The Witching Well already know Flan is described as having naturally ‘dusky’ skin, which you can see here. He doesn’t get shaded in the illustrations because it’s too subtle of a difference to bother. With black and white illustrations, there’s got to be some details compromised, like subtleties in most skin, hair, and eye colors.

But what’s that? Ligeia’s eyes have color!

We also decided to break the rules a bit with those.

Ligeia doesn’t just have bright eyes. They’re unearthly, almost crystalline, catching glints of like like sun-struck emeralds. They flare when magic’s afoot- or when she’s floating in the midst of bunch of swirling blue wisps, looking down at Flan and declaring he behold.

But those blue wisps are still in black and white, so why are the eyes colored?

Well, when a rule is broken it should be for something special. That little bit of color might not even be noticed by the reader, but if it is, maybe it will stick with them.

And that’s a big thing with stories. Impressions last long after the book is read, and even a small thing can echo more when looking back.


So, dear readers, what do you think of the rare use of color in a black and white illustration? What do you like mixed in frozen yogurt?

Leave me a comment and let me know! And don’t forget, you can share this post with your friends using the boxes below!

~Matt Booker

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