Action Throwback Thursday – Frenzy Dance

Breakdancing is probably the quintessential dance of the 1980’s.

Wait, no, it probably isn’t. But I saw it on an episode of Transformers.

They're listening to Cold Slither.

Welcome to another Action Throwback Thursday, where I post an Action Pose pic that I hadn’t posted before for some reason. Usually this is stuff from years ago, where the photo quality doesn’t match up to what I do now. But hey, everybody has to start somewhere, and we should always try to improve.

WFC Soundwave has a boombox mode! Well, more like a few different boombox modes, depending on your preference. But hey, it was in the video game, and it actually looks good for a Cybertronian boombox.

Frenzy’s pose still looks great, as does Rumble’s look of appreciation. Is this the start of a dance battle? Should a piece of cardboard have been used for authenticity?

That keyboard makes for a decent backdrop. The focus and the lighting definitely needed adjusting, but the angle here is a good example of how important that is for a pic. You don’t want to overdo it, but a good angle can add a dynamic feel to a pic.


So, dear readers, have you tried a boombox mode for Soundwave? What’s the best kind of edible ice cream holder?

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~Matt Booker

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