Action Throwback Thursday – Ironhide vs Wolverine

DOTM Ironhide is big and bulky, even for a Leader class Transformer.

Especially when facing off against Mega Bloks Wolverine.



Welcome back to another Action Throwback Thursday, where I take a look through unposted Action Pose pics and show them to you.

For, reasons.

So hey! Dark of the Moon Leader Ironhide. That size class got some great bots during the first few movies. They seemed to be designed for accuracy and complexity at a level that often got glossed over at the lower price points. Starscream, Optimus, Brawl, and even Sentinel Prime, each of those were designed with the primary gimmick being Transformation and they looked great in each mode because of it.

And then there was DOTM Leader Ironhide.

Movie Ironhide always got the shaft when it came to toys. Where other bots got more accurate with each release, Ironhide seemed to get more abstract. When the Leader class version was announced, it was potentially going to be great, both in size and accuracy, making up for the versions that didn’t even have feet that could stand flat in a basic pose.

But they screwed it up, and instead of the main gimmick being transformation, it was all about the pop out weapons. The big cannon in the torso, while admittedly cool, meant a big block in the middle had to be left available. The arms had giant panels and blocks to accommodate the pop out blasters. And the legs were probably the worst, because they had to have space for weapon storage instead of allowing the legs to transform more, which means the alt mode has huge blocks of robot kibble visible.

But Mega Bloks Wolverine is great! Take a look at this Action Pose post. I really like Lego, but Mega Bloks did a great job on designing Wolverine. Some of their minifigs can start looking odd when they do human shapes that aren’t in armor, but Wolverine looks cute and chibi dangerous and manly.

Oh, and the picture! It’s not bad. The focus isn’t quite there yet, but it’s much better than the previous Action Throwback Thursday pics, and the lighting is good. The framing here accentuates how small Wolverine is, while keeping Ironhide the main part of the picture.


So, dear readers, could Wolverine kick Movie Ironhide’s skidplate? WHY WOULD YOU NOT ANSWER YES?

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~Matt Booker

4 thoughts on “Action Throwback Thursday – Ironhide vs Wolverine

  1. I would not answer yes because Ironhide totes enough weaponry and ammunition to level a city by himself. A city surely full of Decepticons, of course. And lots of vermin that needed to be terminated. He’s a little crazy about weapons. Why, just look at the time he went on a reconnaissance mission into the jungle… carrying a small armory’s worth of weapons. xD (which has always been my favorite version of movie Ironhide)

  2. That’s a pretty good reason. :D

    Movie Ironhide got shafted when it came to toys. The recon version was definitely the best voyager, but it has the usual accuracy problems and the crappy feet.

    The deluxe was a bit more accurate and was a heck of a lot more poseable, but was hampered by high elbow placement and trying to integrate the weapons. It’s a close call between that and the recon version, but I like the deluxe just a bit more.

    ~Matt Booker

  3. Oh, of that there’s no doubt. At least Bumblebee kept the big gimmick restricted to the backpack accessory, despite having no real business being a Leader toy. He works better in the smaller, more affordable price points… in reasonable numbers. (thank goodness Hasbro’s learned their lesson, so “walls of Bumblebee” are much rarer)

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