Art Preview – The Hortator

Art preview? Heck yes!

And it might just rustle your jimmies.

The Hortator - Art by Cj Franks

The Hortator – Art by Cj Franks

Here we’ve got a first person perspective, adding some nice dynamics to the scene as a huge and hideous beast comes barreling out of the treeline.

Who’s holding the spear, and will it do any good against something with fists the size of hams and arms the size of hogs? Find out in the next Flan Adventures book!


Want more information on the next book, besides the art? Well not to worry, dear readers, there’s some excerpts coming and even some news about the release date.


So dear readers, what do you think of the perspective on this illustration? Is ham or bacon better for breakfast?

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~Matt Booker

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