Inappropriate LOL – City Of Steel

A while back, I was doing some repairs on an Optimus Prime, and I remembered the G1 episode ‘City of Steel’.

This had to happen.


That monitor is armed!

That monitor is armed!


Please excuse the blurry pic. I said it was a while ago. XD

The space age material that I used to mount the robit arm? Clear tape.

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So, dear readers, how could Optimus get disassembled and survive but one stray shot from Hotrod Megatron is too much? What’s your favorite food with spinach?

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~Matt Booker

3 thoughts on “Inappropriate LOL – City Of Steel

  1. I loved that episode! I think someone made a custom Optimus alligator… I remember my brothers and I playing a similar plot out with our Starriors toys over and over…

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