Ages WHAT and up? – DICEcapades!

Welcome back to another Ages WHAT and up?, where we swipe a white glove on the perverted dust of the toy-isle shelves. Is there a grand conspiracy, or did Bob from accounting slip in something cheeky when the designer wasn’t looking and it somehow made it past the censors?

Some things are hard to deny, but today’s subject doesn’t look like it will make for much of a post…





That seems innocent enough. I know those words often go horribly awry with these posts, but this really does look okay.

It’s a mediocre game at best, but there doesn’t seem to be anything perverted about it.


And hey, they even got Toby Maguire to be on the cover.

If Spider-Man was a 90s Nicktoon.

If Spider-Man was a 90s Nicktoon.


Wait. What’s that… Oh no.

I think that’s supposed to be a barn, but…


Why is that barn so hairy?

Why is that barn so hairy?






So, dear readers, what’s your favorite party game? What’s your favorite hot sauce?

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~Matt Booker

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