Inappropriate LOL – Earth Galactus Affair

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We’ve all heard the supposed truth about Galactus, that he’s an ‘eater’ of worlds.

But Marvel has shown Galactus likes to get all up in Earth’s business on multiple occasions, driving his machinery deep into the Earth’s crust and then leaving it seemingly the same. No bites taken out of the planet so much as giving it a hickey.


Galactus has rectangular pupils. Does that mean he goat-sees?

Galactus has rectangular pupils. Does that mean he goat-sees?


I didn’t put in a dialogue box for Spider-Man because I liked it better without it. It leaves whatever he said up to you, but knowing Spider-Man it’s something quippy and knowing Galactus he hungers has no patience for hijinks.

Not familiar with this kind of joke? Check out Know Your Meme.


So, dear readers, what’s your favorite version of Spider-Man? Is bread making you fat?

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~Matt Booker

4 thoughts on “Inappropriate LOL – Earth Galactus Affair

  1. It’s funny you ask about bread making people fat. I had to go off gluten over a year ago because it was giving me weird, painful head issues. I started looking into what’s in our food more. Most bread is made with sugar or high fructose corn syrup, the main reasons for the US obesity crisis. I watched a documentary on Netflix called “Fed Up” that did a really good job, IMO, of laying out what’s wrong with the food industry…

  2. I’m glad cutting out the gluten stopped your painful headaches.

    The amount of corn syrup and sugar in foods is really surprising once you start looking at the labels. And I’ve seen discussions online where people from other countries talk about their experiences with food when visiting the US, and most of it was “Everything tastes too sweet!” and “Portions are huge!”

    I’m not an expert on this kind of stuff, so I can only comment on things I’ve casually read about in regards to it, but a lot of common foods are higher on the glycemic index, so their carbohydrates get turned to sugar faster, which causes a spike in insulin levels, so the small amount that’s needed at that time gets used and the rest of it is excess and turned into fat for storage. So all these foods with lots of added sugar and corn syrup turns to fat quickly and makes you hungry again faster.

    I try to get my carbohydrates from low glycemic vegetables like broccoli and spinach and cabbage, or the occasional things like oatmeal. I tried it out at first to get in better shape, and it was surprising how much better I started feeling. I found a bunch of delicious recipes that I’d want to eat even if I wasn’t aiming for better carbohydrates.

    And things like bread and soda? I don’t miss them at all. I’ll still have bread on a burger if I’m at a restaurant, but it was surprising just how many empty snacks I’d have before. And food tastes better with a nice glass of water, because there’s no syrupy drink partially masking the flavor.

    But… This is also one of those things that you don’t want to be ‘that guy’ about. You know the one, who constantly gushes about their better way of eating or exercising or how you’ll have more energy if you stop being addicted to caffeine. It’s easy to get excited about it because you feel great and you want to help other people, but not everybody wants to hear it. Whether it’s because it highlights things they consider failings, things they’re unhappy about, or they’re comfortable, or they think it’s someone bragging about being ‘better’ than them, eating better and exercising is definitely a horse and water situation. ^_^

    ~Matt Booker

  3. Yeah, I always thought I was already eating healthy enough. I used to balk when people told me about HFCS. Now I’m eating healthier than a lot of those same friends :) I’ve lost about 40 pounds since changing my diet.
    It was hard at first to give up a lot of the foods I think part of it is that sugar affects the brain similar to other drugs, it’s addicting. I think another thing is people don’t want to believe they’ve been deceived by the big food corporations. I heard a quote once, “It’s easier to deceive a person than it is to convince them they’re being deceived.” When something in the grocery store says “healthy” on it, they want to believe that people are totally honest and forthcoming. The good news is I think a lot of people are waking up to this information.

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