Stinker – How To Avoid Being Drafted By The Army

Stinker Wednesday wants you! But hey, we promise we’ll treat you better than Uncle Sam.

Today’s prompt: How to avoid being drafted by the army.


Ace Manlove.
Ace Manlove


Outside rear self-love.
Outside rear self-love.


Cliche? Maybe. True? Sadly so.

But that’s no excuse for lack of a lark. So for all your draft dodging needs, contact Ace Manlove! His advice? Practice outside rear self-love where everyone can see you. They’ll either ban you from the army or make you a far right conservative congressman.


After you’ve had your fill of rear self-love, pick up a copy of Stinker at Amazon!


So, dear readers, what’s your favorite way to smoke a kipper for breakfast? Have you ever ridden an alligator while jumping out of a plane to fight nazis?

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~Matt Booker

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