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Welcome back to The MOAR You Know, a category of posts where I bring up things you might not have known about before, and give you a fake obvious reason that might just disturb you but might also entertain you. Today’s topic is the one-eyed one-handed purple robot planetsitter, Shockwave!

G1 Shockwave is not the most dynamic of Transformers. He’s not so much built for action as he’s built to stand around and wait for Megatron to call on the spacephone. He’s all skinny legs and chubby, boxy torso.

But Cloud9’s Quakeblast seems to have changed those proportions, with an exaggeratedly tiny waist in comparison.

Could there be a reason for that?


Of corset could be society's fault too.

Of corset could be society’s fault too.


That pic was done back when they first revealed the prototype. (Hey, I’ve got a blog backlog, okay?)

But the production version doesn’t look bad, and even kind of menacing.

A lot more menacing than I’d prefer Shockwave to look, actually, but if you’re going for the version in the comics that can take on all the Dinobots single-handed, it works.


So, dear readers, what’s your favorite version of Shockwave? Should they make a candy version called Chocwave?

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~Matt Booker

3 thoughts on “The MOAR You Know – Fatbot Shaming

  1. I still prefer Fans Toys Quakewave, though the official version doesn’t look too bad either. Maybe it has to do with the fact he goes so well with Fans Toys’ Dinobots which still lack official counterpart options at this time. (would be nice if Takara made a MP Megatron v2, too, but whatever)

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