Stinker – The Eventual Undoing Of Mankind


If you listen to Stinker Wednesday. Today’s prompt: The eventual undoing of mankind.


Fridge Logic.
Fridge Logic.


Aliens holdin' rumpus often.
Aliens holdin’ rumpus often.


Fridge logic is what happens hours after watching a movie, when you’re rooting around for a sammich, and suddenly you realize a huge plot hole that ruins the movie. They distracted you with all the action and exploding punches.

Don’t let that happen to Earth! If you don’t start making sense now, ALL OF YOU, someone out there is gonna realize and scrap the whole thing.

And then what happens?

Aliens come here and have a rumpus, over and over again, until mankind’s undone.


Or you could just buy Stinker on Amazon and twiddle your tiles while the rest of us fix it.


So, dear readers, what’s your surefire way to avoid the fall of man? Can you spell conglomerate without GLOM?

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~Matt Booker

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