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Welcome back to Inappropriate LOL, where I post some of the more random but still funny stuff that doesn’t quite fit the other categories here on

And oh man is today’s post inappropriate.


Komfy for mein krampfs.

Komfy for mein krampfs.


In some horrible reality where the nazis won World War II, would there have been products like this?

As for the story behind this particular image… The package was there and I had a sharpie.


So, dear readers, do you put the sheet side out or in? Is mead the viking king of booze?

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~Matt Booker

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2 thoughts on “Inappropriate LOL – TP Marker

  1. I used to put the sheet side in because for some reason I thought it looked nicer. After banging my hand into the wall a few times, I figured it would be more practical to have the sheet side out!

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