Inappropriate LOL – MP Brofist

Another Inappropriate LOL? Shouldn’t you have come to expect this by now?

Today’s post is on the more ‘random’ side of this category, yet it’s both inappropriate and made me LOL, so here it is!


"Have you seen the size of his combat deck?"

“Have you seen the size of his combat deck?


The comic is in reference to this, which itself is an edited version. In the actual comic, Wolverine and Spider-Man are taking a jab at Bush (the president, not the body hair) instead of redheads.


So, dear readers, what’s the best team up comic with Wolverine and Spider-Man? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

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~Matt Booker

One thought on “Inappropriate LOL – MP Brofist

  1. I just started watching Supergirl on Netflix and saw that redhead Jimmy Olson was being played by a bald guy. This was after I heard the news that the new Mary Jane’s going to be black. The redheads are getting phased out!

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