The MOAR You Know – Optimus Lounging

Hey. You remember that time Optimus sat around like a slovenly cat?

The MOAR You Know tackles all the tough subjects.


"Eh. I'll protect the right of all sentient beings later."

“Eh. I’ll protect the right of all sentient beings later.”


I’m not going to give you the context for this scene.

Partly because I don’t remember what episode I grabbed the screenshot from.

I think it was the one where Optimus was sniffing Prowl’s butt.


So, dear readers, what do you think of Beast Wars now? Should chocolate chip muffins be allowed as part of this complete breakfast?

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~Matt Booker

One thought on “The MOAR You Know – Optimus Lounging

  1. I think of Beast Wars fondly, though I was surprised that we’re actually getting Masterpiece versions of these characters. Sure, Optimus Primal to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary, (shame Hasbro seemed to forget about it) but now Cheetor, too?

    I’m going to feel so sorry for the poor sap who’s got to figure out how the hell to make Dinobot work as an actual toy, seeing as he cheats more than most of the cast. Ironic, given his whole honor thing. lol

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