Stinker – Something You’re Not Allowed To Do At A Funeral

What’s that ghoulish tile among the tombs? Could it be?

Avert your eyes! Its… Stinker Wednesday! And today’s prompt is:¬†Something you’re not allowed to do at a funeral.


Probe strangers.
Probe strangers.


Pot brownies, then dirty stuff.
Pot brownies, then dirty stuff.


Wait, are we sure about that first one?

We are?

Huh. Well, I’ve got a lot of apologizing to do.



Does Stinker look fun to you? Have you just eaten more pot brownies than you should have? Quick, before the munchies set in, order it on Amazon!


What’s the worst part of a brownie? WHY WOULD YOU NOT SAY THE CRUNCHY EDGES?

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~Matt Booker

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