Stinker – Panic On Wallstreet

Yesterday was Election Day in the USA! Or at least the only election day that most people seem to pay attention to.

Did your candidate win? Did you care? How about some rousing political discu-


Today’s prompt is: Something that would cause a panic on Wall Street.


Trump Elected.
Trump Elected.


Bern(ie) Sanders.
Bern(ie) Sanders.


Considering I’m writing this post about six months in advance and these pictures were even before that, here’s hoping whoever got elected is decent for the job.

There. That’s the most public political commentary I want to do for a while.


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So, dear readers, are you glad your Facebook page is going to have less politics on yet- AHAHAHAHA. Sorry. That was just a bit too ridiculous. Let’s try that again.

So, dear readers, what if Elmo tickled himself? Do you turn your underwear inside out to wear them longer?

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~Matt Booker

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