The MOAR You Know – Mirage’s True Allegiance

Welcome back to The MOAR You Know, that category where I post sometimes helpful but often disturbing facts.

About things. Usually Transformers.

Today we find out… Was Cliffjumper correct to suspect Mirage of being loyal to the Decepticons?


"I saw this one in the car-masutra."

“I saw this one in the car-masutra.”


It took a moment of battlefield passion to reveal the truth!

Turns out Cliffjumper was sort of correct. Mirage wasn’t in THE Decepticons, he was in A Decepticon.

Mirage and Skywarp are also combiners. They join together to become a ship.

Oh, I guess that’s a double reference. Ha!


So, dear readers, what’s your favorite Transformer to motorboat? Quarriors or Dice Masters?

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~Matt Booker

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