About the Author

An anti-social social animal, Matt Booker is shy and a bit awkward, but friendly if approached. If you see one in the wild, it’s best to attempt contact through free cheeseburgers.

His native habitat is rumored to be the deep woods of west-central Illinois. Strewn robot limbs and trails of thrown playing cards are sure signs of being near a den.

Natural plumage consists of the standard black t-shirt and plain blue jeans. Please do not attempt to coax a Matt Booker with multi-colored shirts or khaki pants, as such offerings can lead to confusion or a state of denim-fueled rage.

If you do happen to befriend this creature, please be aware that it enjoys collecting transforming robot mans, origami, MTG, board games, unusual card tricks, image editing, and writing. He may exhibit a dark and often inappropriate sense of humor, but is fiercely loyal.

Matt Booker enjoys reading almost as much as writing. His favorite author is undeniably Robert E. Howard, followed closely by the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs, H.P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, Neil Gaiman, and William King.

Matt Booker’s writing has shades of the first three listed writers, though comparisons to the latter three are not unwelcome. Wordplay, alliteration, and cadence are important parts of his style. He likes crunchy words and enjoys mixing genres and bringing humor into where it’s not expected.

He and his wife are currently writing a series of books featuring an often hung-over adventurer as he encounters gods, devils, and the monsters in between. Sword and sorcery, high adventure and low brow, in these stories tropes are challenged, gore is splayed, and fun wears contemplation like a pensive pall.


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