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Classics \ Universe Ironhide – Complete Posture Mods
Backpack fix. Balljointed neck mod. Posture Tips.


Awesome Stingers and You
How to give deluxe Animated Bumblebee two full stingers.


Animated Blitzwing – Arm \ Wing Mod
Increase Blitzwing’s useful arm posability by modding the wings.


Animated Blitzwing – Cannon Mod and More
How to give Blitzwing cannons that pivot, less helmet gap, and more.


Animated Swoop – Chest Fix \ Better Flaming Mace Mod
Save your Swoop from stress and give him a fully flaming flail.


Classics \ Universe Hotshot – Spoiler Shoulders Fix
Increase Shoulder Articulation!


ROTF Rampage – Complete Mods
Give Rampage elbows, independent hips, and poseable knees!


ROTF Deluxe Ravage – Tail Mod
Modify Ravage’s tail to have 18 points of articulation!


ROTF Jolt – Head Fix
Give Jolt’s head more articulation!


ROTF Swerve – Head Fix
Give Swerve’s head more articulation!


Human Alliance Skids – Complete Mods
More Compact Back Kibble, Cannon Fixes, and Better Hidden Doors!


ROTF Leader Class Brawl – Foot Mod \ Missile Fix
Ankle fix for level feet! Fix droopy missle racks!



ROTF Deluxe Ratchet – Complete Mods
Head fix! Shoulder fix! Backpack fix! Less robot kibble! Less vehicle kibble!



Human Alliance Barricade – Hip Mod
Give Barricade more articulation and a better stance!



Sidearm Sideswipe – Head Rotation Mod
Prevent paint scrape and stress marks! Fix his pop up head!



Animated Arcee – Knee Fix
Mod the knee to sit properly in robot mode.


Sidearm Sideswipe – Foot Mod \ Flight Mode
Foot mod and flying car mode!



Classics \ PRID Bulkhead – Wrist Fix
An easy mod to let Bulkhead’s fists fold out more!

PRID Bulkhead Wrist Fix.


Universe Dinobot Mod – Raptor Robot Kibble Fix
Improve the dino mode by hiding the robot kibble better!
Dinobot Dino Guide


Universe Dinobot Mod – Longer Sword
Turn Dinobot’s missile into a more accurate sword!
Dirk Dinobot.


FOC Kickback – Leg Mod \ Better Alt Mode
Improve leg articulation! More realistic grasshopper mode!
FOC Kickback Leg Mod \ Better Alt Mode


Fansproject Car Crash and T-Bone Leg Mod
Quick leg mods to make them easier to transform!
Fansproject Car Crash and T-Bone Leg Mod


Masterpiece Frenzy and Rumble Leg Mod
A quick mod to increase leg articulation!
Masterpiece Frenzy And Rumble Leg Mod Guide


HFTD Highbrow Arm Mod
Straighter and more proportionate arms!
HFTD Highbrow Arm Mod


Nickelodeon Metalhead Custom Arm Mod
Give Nickelodeon Metalhead full arm articulation!
Nickelodeon Metalhead Arm Mod


Toyworld Orion Tab Mods
Quick Mods For Smoother and Easier Transformation!
Toyworld Orion Tab Mods


Legends Bumblebee – How To Add A Balljointed Head
From not even a swivel joint to full articulation!
Legends Bumblebee - How To Add A Balljointed Head



How To Hold A Razor Blade

Dealing With A Pin Hinge

Boil And Pop Method

Pushing Smooth Pins


Better Transformation
(No Mods Needed)

TFA Activators Megatron

ROTF Voyager Long Haul

ROTF Universe Classics Bruticus

 Human Alliance Leadfoot
Spuds MacLeadfoot

Prime RID Voyager Megatron
No modding needed!

MMC Fortis Better Rhino Mode

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  1. I have a few in the works that I’ll post sometime, but I’ve been pretty busy with book stuff. :) I also do a lot less mods because most of my TFs are stuff like MPs which rarely need to be modded.

    Thanks, though! :D

    ~Matt Booker

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